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The benefits of insuring through our agency
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Top 10 Reasons Businesses Choose Our Agency Over Others

  1. Run Quotes to Ensure Quality Benefits at a Fair Price

    Our agency is appointed with all of the carriers in Washington State. We will take your company’s census and run quotes with all of the applicable carriers, ensuring your company receives the benefits needed without overpaying.

  2. Review Quotes for Competitiveness and Build Plan Comparison

    Once the quotes have been returned from the carriers, our agency will review the quotes and build you an simplified Plan Comparison that will allow you to see the top three rates for your group alongside the most common benefits offered by each carrier.

  3. Schedule a Time to Review Plan Comparison – Make a Recommendation

    If you would like an agent to go over the plan comparison and discuss our findings, we can schedule a time to meet with you, either in person or over the phone. During this time we will discuss our recommendation and can answer any questions you may have.

  4. Prepare and Assist with Enrollment Materials

    Because we offer a specific account manager for each of our groups, we ensure that we utilize the most up to date enrollment materials, making enrolling in your benefit plan as simple and efficient as can be.

  5. Submit Enrollment Materials to Carriers

    Our account managers handle all enrollment submissions and act as a liaison between the group administrator and the carrier. This process ensures that the group administrator is never bogged down with questions or issues that can be resolved through our office.

  6. Deductible Credit Processing

    Our Agency works behind the scenes to ensure all deductibles are credited to groups after initial enrollment. Your account manager will collect the necessary documents from employees and submit them to the new carrier. The group administrator does not need to take any additional steps, as your Account Manager will make this process seamless.

  7. Employee Benefit Orientations

    Groups are offered a benefit orientation for each enrolling employee. Your account manager can come to your office and provide clarification on plans, deductibles, networks, etc. as well as answer any questions your employees may have. Account managers offer this service during initial enrollment for the entire group, as well as with each newly enrolling employee. Educating employees at the onset of enrollment ensures less confusion and potential issues later.

  8. Track Employee Probationary Periods and Submit Employee Enrollments and Cancellations

    Throughout your benefit year there will be changes to your workforce. Our agency will track your new employee’s probationary periods and send you enrollment materials a month in advance to ensure your employee receives ID cards and other necessary benefit information in a timely manner. In the same respect, your account manager will also process any benefit terminations, creating efficiencies by allowing our agency to be the one-point of contact needed as opposed to tracking different contacts to handle enrollment issues.

  9. Rectify Billing Issues

    Our agency will also serve as the point of contact for any and all billing issues. Your account manager will contact the carrier and perform analysis in regards to overages or any other billing issue that may arise. Saving your staff the time and potential stresses involved with billing and customer service issues. We work closely with all of the carriers we are appointed with and are able to command resolutions quickly and efficiently.

  10. Process Claims

    We pride ourselves on customer service, and claims processing allows our agency to shine. Your account manager can be reached via phone or email by the group administrator, but also by any employee. We work behind the scenes with carriers and providers to ensure that employees are being billed correctly, and that claims are being processed properly. If there is ever a question or issue, your account manager should be the first person contacted to sort the issue out. You will receive a detailed explanation and a timely response from your account manager.

What Makes Us Different


The Washington Health Insurance Agency is a full service agency. We are experienced in working with large groups, and have been in the business of providing health insurance guidance for over 20 years. We know that time and efficiency are of upmost importance when running a large company.

In order to provide you with optimal customer service and efficiency, our agency provides you with access to a specific account manager who will be the main contact for all of your health insurance needs.

Competitive Options

Our agency is appointed with all of the major carriers in Washington State, ensuring that quotes are run with multiple carriers, providing you with the most competitive options.

Your account manager will run quotes for your group each year at renewal and provide you with a side by side comparison of all your health insurance options. We will go over your plan comparison together and assist you in finding quality health insurance at the best rates for your group.

Industry Leading Service

As part of our services, your account manager will also be available for employee benefit orientation presentations and meetings as well as assist your employees with all of their billing and claims needs. We also understand that ACA compliance is of upmost importance for a large group, and our team is knowledgeable in COBRA, ERISA and ACA Compliance and is here to help you navigate through ACA laws and reporting requirements.

We have an experienced team, and are focused on customer service. We will provide any service that you may require expertly and professionally.

Getting a Quote is Easy

There are several options to get you started. You can request a quote through our website, or you can email us directly at If you would prefer to speak with an account manager contact us at (360) 464-1622.