“Being self employed, health insurance has always been a huge expense. Working with the Agency I know I got the best health insurance value available. They worked with me so I understood all of the options and helped me make the best possible decision. I will continue to send everyone I know to WA Health Agency. They are one of the good guys.”
“Healthcare navigation is a one of the most frustrating and time consuming "house keeping" jobs that is a part of owning a small business. The staff at Washington Health Insurance Agency helped us to make this process so much easier and smooth and took the stress out. Highly recommend!”
“They are amazing! Managed to answer all my questions on the spot and helped me find a plan that fit the needs of my family. I recommend anyone trying to navigate their way through the new healthcare system talk to Washington Health Insurance Agency first.”
“Vernon not only helped me decide which plan was right for me, but navigated the often "sticky" situation with the website. He took away the frustration for me and made it quick and simple”
“I appreciate Vernon Calling and helping me through the sign up and following through with me. He was helpful and knowledgeable in the different plans”
“Vernon is amazing! He helped guide me through the overwhelming amount of information to find the health plan that was right for my family and affordable too. And he is not limited on what plans he can offer since he can offer them all. He is definitely a one stop shop.”
“Thanks Vernon for being so on top of it! I was so surprised to get a call back so quickly, and on a Friday night. Very Helpful and knowledgeable about our options.”
“Vernon was amazing. Vernon unraveled the mess my application created, established the account I wanted and explained a very confusing sign up. Vernon spent time answering questions, searching out solutions to cancel the wrong policy & set up the right one. My hero! There's no one better.”
“The team at Washington Health Insurance Agency is excellent and professional! It was clear, simple, and they guided us through the process of finding the best plan for my needs.”
“This agency was especially helpful for me in resolving the website issues of the state plan. Unlike other health plan navigators Vern had a plan for my uncommon situation that worked! Many thanks to him and his agency for their professionalism and determination. A great attitude helped as well to make the process a good one! My grateful thanks.”
“What a great place! I'm so thankful that they were able to help me better understand my health insurance. I had no idea this service was out there but it is beyond helpful to know that I have someone to help me find a better plan, save money, and answer any questions I may have... at no cost to me! Thank you Washington Health Insurance Agency!”
“Vernon and Jenni at Washington Health Insurance Agency have been absolutely fantastic to work with. Vernon and Jenni always respond to questions with lightning speed, and go above and beyond to help with any issues that arise. ”
“It's rare to find service like this anymore. If you're looking for an honest, trustworthy and responsive insurance agent, look no further! I can't recommend Washington Health Insurance Agency enough.”
“They are a private insurance broker, fully licensed and able to deal with the state exchange and to broker any allowable plans. Even if you want to buy your healthcare through the state exchange, do yourself a favor and call them. ”
“Vernon Bonfield was so knowledgeable and showed us several different options and helped us choose one that would save money. We are so thankful for the knowledge and expertise. Thank you!!”
“Vernon Bonfield has been our family's Health Insurance Agent since 2004. We love the personal and professional service we receive from the whole office! Vernon is always making sure that we have the best coverage and the best rates for our family's needs. ”
“This is a great program they gave us a lot of information about the new healthcare law.”
“Thank you, Washington Health Insurance Agency!! After fighting the website for days, you got me signed up lickety split during a phone call. I am forever grateful!”
“Vernon Bonfield has provided my husband and I excellent service as a health insurance broker. He is a great partner to have on your team. I am confident in his work and I would recommend his service hands down.”
“Vernon is a true hard working individual. I just had a child and with all the crazy laws, we had until Dec 15 to change plans and still have my son covered. Vernon was working at 6 on a Saturday to ensure that he contacted all of his insured who had children to enable them to continue insurance coverage. My family really appreciates all of ur hard work!”
“I am so thankful for you and your staff and all that you have done to help us pick a great plan at a great price. Your staff takes the time to listen and help in any way that can. ”
“I'm so glad that I had the help of Vern and his staff to wade through the confusing task of buying insurance, they have been very helpfull explaining the diffrent plans avalble and returning my calls even after office hours. I was impressed with the fact that they stay at it unitll every question was answered to my understanding.”
“They were a great help to my wife and I as we found ourselves in employment transition and on an expensive COBRA program. Helped us find an insurance program that fit our family’s needs during the transition for half the cost of COBRA. I only wish I had talked to them a couple months earlier.”
“We met Vernon through a mutual friend and the rest as they say is history. Everything was explained, migrated, and setup in an unbelievably short amount of time. Couldn't be happier.”
“If you are planning to sign up for health care I highly recommend Wa. Health Ins. Agency. As a small business owner I have worked with them for years to find health care plans for my family. It is a free service provided by someone who understands his business. ”
“I highly recommend him them NO RESERVATIONS. With all these changes in healthcare with our country...they keep us up on all this stuff and are very knowledgeable...great team!!!!”
“Everybody has been very helpful though all this transition to government health care.”
“They were really helpful. I would highly recommend calling them and they will help you with your requests. It was really easy and informative:-)”
“Great people with only the best interest for their clients!”
“Over the years, they have been an excellent guide in assisting me in choosing health plans. I have been entirely satisfied, and I've recommended a number of people.”
“Everyone needs a helping hand navigating the new health care system. The Washington Health Insurance Agency was immensely helpful in explaining my options and finding the best health plan for me - and at no additional cost. Do yourself a favor and check them out.”
“It was wonderful to go through what was initially a very stressful process with Jenni, who was kind, calming, while being incredibly professional. ”
“Jenni, I can't emphasize how much your help has meant to us. I was in customer service for nearly 40 years, and it's people like you who truly save individuals from drowning in confusion, and giving up.”
“Lisa, you and the entire team have been fantastic to work with!”
“It is really nice dealing with a professional like Casey that is good at what he does.”
“We have had the most awesome service by Vernon and his staff. He is always a step ahead of me in connecting with new hires or following up with potential COBRA coverage. I can honestly say [he has] been the best broker in the business in my 25 plus years of working as administrator of medical practices.”
“Thanks for your time and efforts on our behalf and helping us navigate a very difficult and confusing path for a vital strategic thing like health insurance. Your knowledge and engaging personality make it easy for us to trust you with our lives on this. You are definitely the best agent in the whole United States! ”
“Washington Health Insurance Agency is our go to company for everything health insurance related. They're always leading the pack when it comes to health insurance and the new requirements being implemented. We always recommend WHIA to our friends and family as there is no other company we'd trust more with such an important part of our lives!”
“…it is refreshing to work with someone who will listen to our individual company needs, and is knowledgeable and able to communicate on a level that I understand and am able to relay to my colleagues. On top of that, your prompt return phone calls when I have questions truly sets you apart from other businesses that I deal with. Thank you!”
“…your knowledge and personal service sets you apart from any other insurance agent I have worked with. You know the pros, cons, and nuances of each plan and can explain them in layman's terms. This has enabled the Museum to continue to provide affordable and competitive health coverage to our employees.”
“As a local Olympia Physician I have worked with Vernon for many years on our own company’s health policy and have referred many patients to him as well. He has a very good grasp of the pressures facing small businesses and those looking in the individual market for health insurance. Vernon also has a firm grasp on market trends in the health insurance industry and he is very collaborative in his approach to problem solving. ”
“I have been very impressed with Vernon and his staff. They have always been professional and knowledgeable. I send my employees, my patients and my friends to him to get the best education on how to navigate the complicated world of insurance. ”
“Working with Vernon and the staff at Washington Health Insurance Agency has been a welcome change for us. Our medical insurance plan was not meeting the needs of our employees. Vernon counseled our employees and was able to provide options that met their individual insurance needs. We are really satisfied that we made the change are confident that Vernon will be around for a long time!”
“I am so thankful for you and your staff and all that you have done to help us pick a great plan at a great price so that we can continue to provide this benefit to our employees. Your staff takes the time to listen and help in any way they can to make my job easier. I look forward to a long relationship between our companies and wish you all the best. Thank you again for all you do.”
“Being a non profit organization, supplying medical insurance can be very difficult. Vernon really helped us see through all of the confusing language and get the best medical coverage possible. We really appreciated his quick responses and clear answers in regards to our medical needs. Thank you so much for being the best medical resource we have ever associated with”
“…Since signing up our healthcare insurance with you, I have not had to think twice about the administration of this account. You have been right there as any questions arose and even anticipated things before we have had questions. Thank you for your outstanding service!”
“We have been so pleased with Vernon and his staff in managing our medical insurance needs. Vernon is always very responsive and is able to sort out the various options in policies and coverage at a level I can understand. When issues arise between our insurer and an employee, he is always available to help resolve the matter quickly and efficiently”
“It has been apparent to all of us here at Olympia Neurology that we made a wise choice when we selected you as our insurance broker. The level of service that you provide is a welcome change from our previous experience…”
“Vernon and his staff were incredibly helpful in working with us to secure health insurance coverage for our Washington employees. I work from our California office so everything had to be handled remotely. They really held my hand through the whole process and made sure we got the best coverage possible for our small group. The best part, though, is that they take care of everything even after the sale - when we hire new employees I don't have to do a thing but let them know. Thank you Vernon and staff!"”
“Vernon and Jenni at Washington Health Insurance Agency have been absolutely fantastic to work with. Vernon was able to find us a plan that was richer for our employees, while saving us $100 per employee per month in premiums. Vernon and Jenni always respond to questions with lightning speed, and go above and beyond to help with any issues that arise. I was so impressed with their service that I decided to use Washington Health Insurance Agency for my family's individual policies as well. Thank you!!!”
“…we have appreciated your help to accomplish our re-enrollment this year. I was relieved and happy that you were able to make the transition a painless one. I like having someone to call when I don't understand something or know exactly what to do.”
“…Your effort and care in finding competitive rates and keeping us up to date on new coverage plans is sincerely appreciated. With health insurance rates continually increasing, we rely on your diligence to help keep our costs in line without sacrificing services for our employees.”
“I just wanted to drop you a quick letter thanking you for the outstanding service you have been providing to CodeSmart, Inc. It has been such a relief for you to handle ALL the details of health and dental benefits coverage for our staff who all come away impressed with your professionalism. You help make CodeSmart a desirable place to work. Thank you for your great service!”
“Vernon researched all health care plans available, completed cost comparisons based on my requests and presented the results in an easy understandable format. In addition, he interacts with my employees whenever they have questions regarding our plan or other health insurance products. His answers are always in plain language, easily understood by all, making the health care insurance a pleasant experience for me as well as the employee. Based on my experience with Vernon, I have no problem recommending him to anyone in search of answers to their company's health care needs.”
“We were really in a bind years ago, not knowing where to turn for health insurance. After talking to you for just a few minutes, I knew I'd come to the right place! It was such a relief to have someone offer us options that we could easily compare and with rates we could afford.”
“…All has gone smoothly with the transition from our previous medical insurance carrier, thanks to the way you have handled our account. I just wanted you to know, that with the many changes through the many companies … none of the changeovers have been so flawless. … It's nice to be able to send the employees directly to you, rather than trying to understand the many complexities of our plan ourselves.”
“…Your professional and personable demeanor are certainly assets while instilling that sense of confidence one needs when making these kinds of financial decisions in life and business. The level of service you provide is 5 Star with us. We have enjoyed being on the receiving end of your very high level of service and look forward to a long and rewarding business relationship.”
“I would like to thank you for the excellent service you continue to give Harlequin. Your knowledge of the health insurance industry and your ability to communicate it concisely but thoroughly allows me to confidently make insurance decisions for my organization. It is quite a relief to have such a resource.”
“Alyssa is a charming and soothing person to talk with about matters that can be so emotionally upsetting to small businesses. ”